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North Atlanta Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy has been providing quality ENT care in the Cumming area for over 25 years. We are committed to treating all our patients with the highest respect while delivering care in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Over the years, many of our patients have left reviews regarding their experience under our care. Please explore the links below to see what our patients are saying, or leave a review by clicking either of the logos.

I have had sinus problems since childhood and started sinus rinses at age 10. I had fear of sinus surgery, and refused surgery until my sinus problems worsened greatly over the last 12 years, resulting in pneumonia and failure on Rx meds. Dr. Hoffman explained the procedure has greatly improved, and within 2 weeks I felt like my eyes were not swollen nor were they red/irritated, and I no longer had the symptoms of purulent drainage in my throat. Within 4 weeks, I could breathe normally and did not wake tired, and my acid reflux had improved. I can now walk six miles without having to stop and rest. Dr. Joel is an excellent surgeon and the recovery period was not painful, nor did I experience bleeding. He explained the procedure in terms I could understand and follow ups in the office were a great healing part of the recovery.

For most of my adult life I have had chronic sinus pressure, build up and infections. I would constantly drain down my throat, making me sick or often nauseous. The last couple years it has gotten so bad, I developed acid reflux, especially at night. I decided that I needed to take action. I consulted with Dr. Joel Hoffman. He informed me of the positives and negatives, which all were consistent with my own research. He and his staff are extremely passionate about their work. Their pre- and post-operation care is above average. As for the surgery, it was without question the right decision. I now can breathe through my nose (both nostrils at the same time), which was very rare. The constant drainage has been reduced significantly. To the point that I’m no longer having constant nausea and acid reflux symptoms. I would highly recommend this procedure and Dr. Joel Hoffmann. Obviously both have made a very positive impact on my quality of life.

We first took her to North Fulton ENT due to availability at the time, unfortunately we didn’t have a comfortable feeling after we left. We ended up in an urgent situation and got very lucky to get a same day appointment with Dr. Hoffman at North Atlanta ENT; because of bad weather there was a cancellation. Dr Hoffman was excellent, along with his staff and assistant Dina. Dr Hoffman performed a procedure in the office that couldn’t wait. We are very grateful to have him as our daughters ENT. If you want someone who makes you feel comfortable and understands the sensitivity for pediatric care, see Dr. Hoffman. Highly recommended.

Dr. Hoffman was great to diagnose the problem. I had been to another ENT who did and was trying to order needless tests that had nothing to do with my problem! This was a very costly mistake. Dr. Hoffman even referred my to another surgeon, who tried a less invasive procedure to see if it would work. I knew there was a chance it wouldn’t, which, unfortunately, it didn’t. Then, Dr. Hoffman removed the gland completely (which he did give me the option to do originally, but I opted to try the other first). He said it would not cause me problems afterwards, and he was right! After a year of pain off and on, I was pain free immediately after the initial surgery recovery period. He was also VERY careful to leave a minimal scar. I would highly recommend him!

A 46 year old male non-smoker, I have struggled with sinus and upper respiratory infections for most of my adult life. It seemed that seasonal allergies (early spring and late summer) triggered head colds that turned into ear infections, and inevitably bronchitis. At least twice a year I was on a regiment of antibiotics, steroids and decongestants. In 2013, my typical late summer sinus/upper respiratory turned into pneumonia and I found myself in the ER over the Labor Day weekend. Suddenly I was diagnosed with asthma, which was a first, and after a series of tests my pulmonologist concluded that my lungs looked to be in good shape but something was triggering the asthma, and I needed to find out what it was. Through a serious of tests and referrals, we eliminated allergies as a culprit and, after a not so pleasant experience with another ENT, I was referred to Dr. Hoffman by my primary care doctor. I specifically asked my PCP if he could recommend an ENT that wasn’t surgery happy and wasn’t a plastic surgeon, as it seems so many ENTs are these days. My PCP recommended Dr. Joel Hoffman. Dr. Hoffman performed a CT scan on my sinus, reviewed my records from the other specialists and really listened to me when I told him my history. He concluded that I would benefit from surgery that would reduce the turbinates, straighten the septum and place tubes in my ears. I was very impressed with the way Dr. Hoffman recommended and explained the issue and the procedure. He is to the point but does not rush and is very personable, but always shows an appropriate amount of gravitas for someone who is going to go up your nose and cut on you. The surgery went well and as the office staff and PA explained, the recovery was the worst part. No real pain but there was some discomfort. The irrigation, dripping and after-care was really the worst part of the whole process. One week post-op I could really tell that I was breathing more freely. In fact, I started to realize that I didn’t really know how poorly (think restricted) I had been breathing before the surgery. After two months I can report that I am ecstatic with the outcome. I am off all of my asthma and sinus meds. I have more energy than I ever remember having in my adult life and I feel like a new person. I can’t say enough about Dr. Hoffman and the positive results of my surgery!

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