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ClariFix® is the breakthrough cooling technology for treating frequent runny or stuffy nose, a condition called Chronic Rhinitis.


If you frequently have a runny, stuffy nose, you may have Chronic Rhinitis (CR).

  • Chronic Rhinitis is caused by inflammation of nasal linings
  • More than 24 million people in the U.S. suffer from CR
  • Treatments, such as sprays, drops, and pills may not give you the relief you desire

The ClariFix® procedure in your doctor’s office can mean long-term relief for your runny and stuffy nose.

How it works

  • Clarifix works by selectively freezing the ‘runny nose nerve.’ The procedure involves no cutting or suturing. It works with a ‘cryoprobe’ which is applied to the mucosa overlying the nerve. The procedure is performed in the officeunder local or mild sedation, takes minutes to perform, and is associated with immediate recovery (and no downtime).
  • In a clinical study, 4 out of 5 people reported long-lasting improvement with the ClariFix device1, including a reduction in a runny nose and congestion.

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