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Custom Hearing Protection

We live in a LOUD world! There are many sources of loud sounds, all of which can negatively affect our hearing over time. That is why it is so important to proactively protect your hearing with properly fitting hearing protection. While there are many disposable ear plugs available, there are several reasons to go with custom molded hearing protection.

Who can benefit from custom hearing protection?

  • Musicians
  • Hunters/shooters
  • Military
  • Woodworkers
  • Dental workers
  • Construction Workers
  • Landscape Workers
  • Factory Workers
  • Anyone who is frequently exposed to dangerously loud sounds for work or recreation.

Why Custom?

Benefits of being fit for custom molded hearing protection

  • Easy and secure fit of the mold, takes out the guesswork on how to insert hearing protection correctly
  • Assortments of filters to fit the needs of musician based on the types of music and instruments they are playing
  • Passive or active noise suppression for hunters and shooters to be able to hear some environmental sounds and close speech while still offering protection from the blast of the gun.

How are they made?

Your audiologist will help you choose the best product for your needs. Once this is decided, the audiologist will begin the process of making an impression of your ears. After a careful examination of the ear canal, the audiologist will place a small piece of cotton or foam into your ear canal. Then, the ear canal will be filled with a soft silicone material that will set after a few minutes. Once the material has set, the audiologist will carefully remove the impressions and will send them to a lab for manufacturing. Once the new molds have arrived, you will be contacted for an appointment to ensure a good fit and make sure you know how to use and care for your new custom hearing protection devices.

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