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For most of my adult life I have had chronic sinus pressure, build up and infections. I would constantly drain down my throat, making me sick or often nauseous. The last couple years it has gotten so bad, I developed acid reflux, especially at night. I decided that I needed to take action. I consulted with Dr. Joel Hoffman. He informed me of the positives and negatives, which all were consistent with my own research. He and his staff are extremely passionate about their work. Their pre- and post-operation care is above average. As for the surgery, it was without question the right decision. I now can breathe through my nose (both nostrils at the same time), which was very rare. The constant drainage has been reduced significantly. To the point that I’m no longer having constant nausea and acid reflux symptoms. I would highly recommend this procedure and Dr. Joel Hoffmann. Obviously both have made a very positive impact on my quality of life.

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